The Beverage Company: Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Company The Beverage Company
Reference # RTA126
Published 02/11/2021
Location Isando, Gauteng, South Africa

Note: The Beverage Company is an equal opportunity employer. Specifically for this role, preference shall be given to candidates from historically disadvantaged groups, women and persons with disabilities

Accountable for quality, standards, service and desired outputs within inter-related functional areas of responsibility. Will be responsible for work of others.

Job Purpose

The purpose of this role is to ensure superior customer service to both internal and external stakeholders through exceptional collections management of customer accounts and effective and efficient resolution of customer queries as well as supervision over teams.

Job Functions Finance
Industries Fmcg (Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector)
Key Accountabilities and Outputs

Customer Collections Managed

•Management of Customer Collections aligned to trading terms and policy
•Management and reconciliation of Foreign debtors with a full and thorough understanding of Foreign payments
•Maintain monthly audit review of assigned Debtor reconciliations
•Resolve issues, serve as a resource in troubleshooting complex matters and ensure that problems are responded to in a timely manner
•Aid in handling complex documents when managing customer masterdata
•Updates & reports receivables by totalling unpaid debtors.
•Proactive and effective collection of all debts
•Resolving queries both internally and externally around outstanding invoices
•Validating the Posting and allocating of daily receipts through the internal system to the debtors department
•Ensure all allocation of customer receipts, claims and credit notes on customer’s accounts are done daily
•Meet and exceed cash flow targets by being responsible for monitoring debtors
•Process refunds
•Maintain customer credit limits according to credit policy
•Keep the Age Analysis within the DSO target
•Conduct monthly reconciliation of debtor ledger accounts
•Oversee the forwarding of monthly statements to customers
•Check customer’s credit ratings, trade references and credit limits as per policy.
•Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
•Attend Customer visits as required to enable and support the credit strategy
•Offer recommendations and advice on queries regarding accounts receivable and ensure that all queries are resolved
•Collaborate with attorneys and or Legal Team Leader to discuss appropriate terms and conditions for debt repayment
•Demonstrate leadership skills and develop new employees
•Assist the Accounts Receivable Manager with any ad-hoc requirements

General Operational and Financial Management

•Actively participate in operational planning and budgeting processes
•Drive continuous improvement through streamlining and optimising relevant operational practices, processes and systems
•Ensure adherence to operational and financial frameworks of practices, processes, standards and controls
•Control cost and take the necessary action to mitigate any financial risks or non-compliance

Qualifications and Experience

•Diploma in Credit Management 1 – 5 (Mandatory)
•At least 8 years’ experience in FMCG (Mandatory)
•Engagement with multiple stakeholders in the business in order to support & deliver on objectives.
•Experience building robust business processes.
•Advanced Excel, PowerPoint and Word
•Leadership capabilities

Key Qualities

•Communication requiring a high level of diplomacy and sensitivity
Problem Solving
•Proactive identification of functional problems related to a specific process or policy, determine cause and impact, and choose the best alternative to solve the problem based on guidelines provided and an understanding of the theory or practices underpinning the problem.
Relationships Maintained
•Groups of individuals at a senior management level inside the organisation

Behavioural Competencies

•Helps others with their work.
•Meets commitments to team members or others in the organisation.
•Actively contributes to team discussions and the accomplishment of team work plans.
•Shares expertise and resources to help others address their needs.
•Seeks to include all those who can contribute to the most successful outcome and those who have a stake in the results.
•Actively keeps all stakeholders informed.
•Attempts to reinvigorate team processes when progress is lagging: stays engaged even when not in full agreement with the team’s direction.

•Accomplishes assigned tasks and goals: takes necessary actions to keep progress against objectives on track.
•Prepares a roadmap for success.
•Ensures that all who need to know, are clear about the plan.
•Takes full responsibility for own actions and outcomes, including mistakes.
•Always acts in the company’s best interest, regardless of whether it is difficult or unpopular.
•Ensures others are on track for achieving their goals.

Decision Making
•Organises information to make it easier to analyse or see trends.
•Anticipates consequences and formulates alternatives.
•Establishes clear decision criteria for making informed choices.
•Seeks relevant information to better understand situations and problems.
•Conducts appropriate analysis; neither makes snap decisions or over-analyses.
•Sees relationships between various facts, figures or other information.

Analytical Thinking
•Able to take a complex task and breaking it down into manageable parts in a logical, detailed way.
•Thinks of multiple explanations or alternatives to a problem
•Able to identify the information needed to solve a problem effectively
•Performs tasks accurately and thoroughly, making adjustments to ensure needs are met
•Considers business priorities when making decisions or analysing the costs and benefits of various alternative solutions.

Planning and Organising
•Manages time effectively, ensuring effective completion of tasks under stressful deadlines.
•Able to prioritise activities and resources, ensuring that results are achieved effectively.
•Able to evaluate progress and make appropriate adjustments to initial plans, ensuring a successful outcome.

Job Closing Date 08/11/2021