Teen Jobs

Being a teenager doesn’t mean you cannot find a good job to help you through school or for a bit of extra pocket money for needs and hobbies. Here is some advice if you are searching for a holiday job, part time job, or casual work.

Labor Laws

There are laws across different countries that govern employment of teenagers. In South Africa, you have to be 15 years of age to be allowed to work, unless you are working in the industry of performing arts, and they hold a permit to employ people below the age of 15. If, however, you work less than 24 hours a month, this rule does not apply. There are other regulations and limits that you may need to research, including the number of hours per day that teens are permitted to work, and other laws regarding the different employer industries.

Fantasy Jobs

It is best to take on a job you have actual interest in. You may want to work in after-school programs or with kids, or you may want to work on the beach part time, at recreational facilities and other areas. It is important to choose a job you will enjoy that is within your best capability. You should do your best in your job and enjoy it as it may could possible dictate your future career path.

Job Search

If you have a guidance counselor at your high school, consult them on finding a part-time job that fits well. They may be able to help you evaluate and find out which jobs you will be good at , and enjoy.

Another good idea is to let everyone know you are looking for work. Your network of acquaintances should not be underestimated. They may have other acquaintance networks that could help you find the job you’re looking for.