Part Time Jobs

Some teenagers and university students would like to get a job and earn money, and because these individuals are still in school or studying full time, the next best thing to getting a real full time job is to get one that is part time.

Below is some advice and tips to remember when approaching a potential employer:

  • When applying for part time work, you need to prepare a resume. Even if you do not have experience, it will prove to the employer that you made an effort in producing something on paper. In order to make your resume stand out over other people that are applying for the same position, include highlights or strengths about yourself that can achieve this goal.
  • When attending a meeting or interview with an employer, dressing appropriately is important, as it shows the sincerity a person has in applying for the job. Finger-nails and hair should be well groomed, and the outfit worn could be business casual. For men, a polo and khaki pants would be ideal, and for women, a polo and skirt. Moderate shoes should be used to match the outfit and if you’re in the habit of wearing lots of earrings, perhaps remove some to present yourself better.
  • Obtaining a job is not easy, and there will be many times where the employer will say “no.” Some employers will prefer someone who has some experience, it is nothing personal. Even if you are rejected, move on to the next potential employer and do not give up on landing that part time job.
  • When attending the meeting with the employer, a good start is a firm handshake. Walk in and show your sincerity in getting the job. In order to get that job, It is best to practise selling to the person the strengths you possess, as there is only so much you can say in an interview.
  • In the process of going from one employer to another, an employer may not immediately give you an answer on whether you are hired or not. Other applicants may still be interviewed before making that decision. Keep a list of the places you attended interviews so you will be able to call and follow up on the status of the application.

Part time jobs can be found in various places. You may find one while walking around the neighborhood, checking bulletin boards, local papers, or even job postings on the web.