• Full Time
  • Permanent

Air Botswana (Pty) Ltd

Principal Responsibilities and Accountabilities (Key Performance Areas)

•Advising the Chief Pilot of technical issues relating to the safe and efficient operation of the fleet.

•Keeping abreast of the latest statutory, operational, technical and safety developments and advising the Director Flight Operations/Chief Pilot.

• Liaison with the original aircraft manufacturer in order that any changes to equipment, procedures, manuals and other documentation can be communicated to pilots without delay.

•Liaison with other external bodies including ATC as directed by the Chief Pilot.

•Representing the Chief Pilot at the regular delays meetings and implementing any action matters that may arise.

•Reviewing all new technical material and revisions to existing technical material and the dissemination of this material to the appropriate personnel.

•Oversight of the Airline low visibility programme and ensuring that the legislative requirements of CAAB are respected.

•Liaison with the Engineering division and ensuring that the Airline winter operations programme is continually reviewed and implemented.

•Liaison, as required, with other Company departments and in particular maintaining an effective liaison with the Engineering and Maintenance Division on all flight technical issues, operational requirements and projects.

•Monitoring the validity of the operational aspects of the aircraft MEL and, in conjunction with the Engineering and Maintenance division, the preparation and development of revisions, amendments and re-issues of the MEL for the approval of the Chief Pilot and Maintenance Manager.

•To co-ordinate the revision of all manuals and SOPs in flight Operations and to liaise with outside agencies and the OEM as necessary.

•To keep abreast of the latest statutory, operational, technical and safety developments.

• The maintenance and monitoring of the flight planning system to achieve accurate flight plans for routes and aircraft.

•Disseminating information from AICs, NOTAMs, ADs, etc.