Personnel Licensing Inspector – Aviation

  • Full Time
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Toro Human Capital


Our client is currently seeking a Personnel Licensing Inspector to develop and maintain a system for the oversight and surveillance of training standards and ensure the effective and correct administration of aviation training organisations conduction pilot training. As well as conduct research and development; keep abreast of international best practice and develop aviation regulations and technical standards, training syllabi, theoretical knowledge examination and practical testing; develop and maintain a system for the oversight and surveillance of the theoretical and practical testing and qualify simulator training devices.

Duties & Responsibilities

Not limited to:

  • Conduct research and development and in co-operation with Licensing Manager and Examination Manager
  • Responsible for conducting audits on all holders conducting aviation training
  • Establish compliance to the regulations
  • Make relevant recommendations pertaining to safety management systems
  • Recommend enforcement measures with respect to regulatory non-compliance
  • Provide factual reports of audits and inspections conducted on training organisations
  • Monitor and follow up corrective actions and the implementation and closure of the action
  • Approval, and maintenance of approvals with respect to Training and Procedures Manuals
  • Oversight the activities of designated pilot examiners
  • Support Licensing Administration function
  • Investigate and recommend action to the Director
  • Introduce adequate control measures to enable effectively carry out its mandate of Safety and Security Oversight
  • Update and amend all documentations, checklists and procedures
  • Provide direct entry support to the legal system on enforcement issues

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • Commercial Pilot License with a Flight Instructor Rating
  • Flight instructor rating or SA Air Force flight instructor rating – 500hrs
  • Flight instructor rating or SA Air Force flight rating – 3 years
  • Airline transport Pilot License with Grade I flight instructor rating ā€“ Ideal
  • Sound knowledge of training and training administration ā€“ Ideal
  • Previously qualified on GSI PEL, GSI OPS, Human Factors in Aviation, Safety Management Systems, EMPIC ā€“ Ideal

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