Online Broker Consultant (Long Term Insurance) Jobs

  • Full Time
  • Permanent


Relationships Management
Develop and oversee customer relationship strategy for their Broker Panel, including identification of key customer networks, alliances, and strategies to build customer intimacy and loyalty.
Ensure continuous enforcement of new and existing marketing strategies through external partners.
Effectively build, maintain and manage new and existing partner relationships as well as relationships within the department and the TIH Group.
Develop a personal network within the sales territory and represent the organization at trade shows and other events to identify sales opportunities, promote the organization, and enhance its reputation.
Set own goals in conjunction with Business Partners and Manager/s and work towards them.
Maintain focus on continuous and constant improvement.
Enhance external relationships through continuous motivational sales support and recognition.

Third Party Sales
Deliver third party sales of a range of products and services to significant customers.
Achieve targets of third party sales, book growth, and profitability on the portfolio across all relevant product lines.

Business Development
Monitor and assess sales and market data for a specific geographic region and produce reports that will assist management in formulating strategy and identifying areas in the market where business can be developed.

Identify, within Partners, patterns of non-compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures, and with relevant regulatory codes and codes of conduct, taking appropriate action to report and resolve these and escalating issues as appropriate.
Ensure External Partners are continuously up to date regarding training, products and processes in order to drive sales and ensure adherence to business and statutory requirements.
Identify potential risks to the business and escalate these accordingly.

Solutions Analysis
Analyze specific problems and issues to find the best solutions. Solutions could be technical or professional in nature.
Analyse current performance inhibitors and find solutions to ensure business continuity.

Partner Service
Provide a quality service to customers while identifying opportunities to secure new business or support retention. Responsibilities may include processing cases, dealing with complex queries and investigating and resolving customer problems.
Facilitate effective resolution of any external partner queries or complaints as and when required.

Personal Capability Building
Develop own capabilities by participating in assessment and development planning activities as well as formal and informal training and coaching; gain or maintain external professional accreditation where relevant to improve performance and fulfill personal potential.
Maintain an understanding of relevant technology, external regulation, and industry best practices through ongoing education, attending conferences, and reading specialist media.
Ensure up-to-date industry and market knowledge, as well as internal products, processes.