Merchandising Executive

  • Full Time
  • , South Africa

Duties & Responsibilities

Areas of focus:


– Product Development

– Production and Shipment coordination

– Customer relationship

– Sales coordination

– Marketing coordination


Product Development:

➢ Research market information and work closely with retailer buyer to get feedback, and work closely with R&D, Sales and PQA on product design, feature expectation, engineer design and lay out the specs that will fit most desire to retail buyer’s needs, this involves the following general categories:

▪ Brainstorming designs

▪ Product specs sheets

▪ Buyer to confirm 3D design

▪ Sample request after 3D confirmation

▪ Buyer to confirm material specs & features specs

▪ Create sample

▪ Confirm quotations & container qty, both FOR & FOB

➢ After grill sample confirms, testing responsibilities, work with Sales, engineers / overseas R&D / PQA for technical issues, and understand testing agency regulations and rules to ensure grills designs meet certification requirements. Monitor testing and construction improvements to ensure certification and shipping schedules are met

➢ Assist overseas MA and factories to out sourcing the following, such as:

▪ Packaging material, corrugate material

▪ Box labels, POP labels

▪ Specific LPGSA warning label materials

▪ Other seasonal products


Manufacturing & Production Coordination:

▪ Confirm FOR

▪ Provide Forecast to factory

▪ Issue Work Order

▪ Factory prepare material

▪ Factory to provide production plan

➢ Evaluate pricing breakdown and quotation strategy

➢ Negotiate pricing with factory when quotation does not meet customer’s and/ or company’s requirements

➢ Confirm FOR, confirm customer FOB, forecast qty, shipping window with buyer then issue work order for material preparation

➢ Submit LPGSA testing request to PQA and provide related information

➢ Assist PQA on instruction manuals, grill assembly, parts list, customer service phone number, warranty issues confirmation

➢ Assist and monitoring LPGSA testing sample, ensure it goes through pre-testing stage and pass before start LPGSA testing Negotiate payment term with factory

➢ Follow up above issues to ensure occur during set up time table

➢ Coordinate with China MA team to ensure all material, components parts are purchase and due into factory prior the production to avoid shipment delay

➢ Provide forecast to factory for production lay out and to review factory production plan

➢ Work closely with MA team on daily production report to prevent any sudden issue


Sales coordination & Customer Relationship:

➢ Work closely with Sales representative on daily communication to serve customer and buyer’s requests to ensure provide the correction information

➢ Monitor forecast, POS activities and analyze information and communicate with buyer on abnormal activities

➢ Provide market trend information to buyer on regular base and also get feedback from buyer on retail info to determine the forecast numbers and POS fluctuation

➢ Work with Sales and Buyer on product development, sales strategy and provide buyers with information of the market trend to determine the purchasing decision on retail point of view

➢ Assist Customer Service to ensure the ASP are in stock and provide SKUs specs, forecasts, sales activities information to TGS so they can serve end user more efficient

➢ Analyze RGA report with Customer Service and PQA on monthly base to determine if was due to defective parts, or ASP issue, store handling issue


Marketing Coordination:

➢ Regular stores check to follow up market trend, collecting competitor’s information, analyze market sales info to communicate back to buyer to help determine future product development ideas, forecast adjustment and production plan for ourselves as well

➢ Fully understand product in order to point out the features, the valuable selling points on retail marketing information

➢ Brainstorming on new product ideas and development new features to improve product design, product user friendly function, sharing info with sales people ensure design is more practical and more desirable

➢ Pass new ideas to R&D to determine features and design is practical on production line


Skills & Education Required

• 1-3 yr. related work experience • Project management/Business bachelor’s degree required • Excellent English communication and negotiation skills • Excellent English communication and negotiation skills • Excellent Microsoft PowerPoint & Excel skills • High level of attention to detail • Must be willing to travel frequently • Work Environment: Working conditions are normal for an office environment

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