City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd: Supervisor

Company City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd
Reference # LC032
Published 16/08/2021
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd is a residential and commercial property management company that has been operating since 1968 with their headquarters in Pretoria and a supporting office in Johannesburg. City Property transforms buildings and injects fresh vitality into our inner cities. We provide sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan retail spaces, offices, warehouses and apartments that ensure that those who live and work in the CBD enjoy the best South Africa’s cities have to offer.

The Data Management Department in Pretoria has a position for a Supervisor; Data Administration. If you believe you meet the requirements for this position, then please send through your CV.

Job Functions Administration
Industries Accounting & Auditing,Facilities & Property Management
The purpose of the role is to manage and oversee the Administrator’s functions in the department.

The main tasks and responsibilities associated with the position are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list of tasks and responsibilities and any other tasks and/or responsibilities that could be reasonably expected for the position may be required.

Management of the various turnaround times related to the Administrators.
1.Ensure that the agreed turnaround times for Multi, Single and CSV instructions are maintained and to identify potential problems in terms of late processing of instructions.
2.Ensure that the agreed turnaround times for Commercial and Residential deposit refunds are maintained and where possible improved on.
3.Ensure that Ex- Tenant lists are finalized monthly within the agreed turnaround times.
4.Ensure that Data Management queries are attended to within the correct turnaround times and to provide assistance with more complex queries in order to finalize and close the queries timeously.
5.Ensure that last meter readings are received timeously from the Utilities Department for processing.
6.Ensure that Clearances from Residential and Commercial Property Managers are received within agreed turnaround times.
7.Ensure that Administrators submit weekly feedback on Tenant Diaries and Ex-Tenant lists on time.

Management of the quality of various outputs of the Administrators.
1.Ensure that the agreed level of accuracy for Multi, Single and CSV instructions is maintained.
2.Ensure all documentation to be signed off by the correct parties as per the SODA.
3.Ensure that the correct supporting documentation is attached to all requests submitted to the Data Management Department.
4.Ensure that the correct Transaction Codes, Tenant codes and VAT codes are used.
5.Ensure that amounts are calculated correctly.
6.Ensure that MDA notes are updated correctly.
7.Ensure that the agreed level of accuracy for Commercial and Residential deposit refunds is maintained.
8.Ensure that there are no outstanding job cards.
9.Ensure that the tenant does not have another account with City Property with an outstanding balance before refund is paid.
10.Ensure that the refund sheet balances with MDA.
11.Ensure that the tenant account was reconciled by the Administrator and any adjustments necessary were done.
12.Ensure that all manual repairs were charged to the account.
13.Ensure that Interest on Deposit for Residential tenants were calculated accurately and credited to the account.

Management of the Commercial and Residential Tenant Diaries and Ex- Tenant lists.
1.Extract data from MDA and draft Commercial and Residential Tenant Diaries.
2.Provide a Commercial and Residential Tenant Diary twice a week to be distributed to the Administrators.
3.Update the Tenant Diaries and Ex- Tenant lists with feedback received from the Administrators and ensure that the feedback is accurate and relevant.
4.Provide assistance with any queries to ensure that deposit refunds are done accurately and timeously.
5.Provide an Ex-Tenant list on a monthly basis where tenants have been vacated for three months or longer and the account still has a balance.
6.Assist with all queries to ensure that the Ex-Tenant accounts are cleared.
7.Ensure that internal Data Management queries are logged where assistance from another department is required to clear the tenants’ account.

Management of Customer Service Cases performed by Administrators and relationships with other departments.
1.Ensure that all Customer Service cases are attended to by the Administrators and that cases are completed within the time set out in the Customer Service case.
2.Assist other departments to complete Customer Services cases within the correct turrnaround times.
3.Ensure that good working relationships are established and maintained with other departments.

Prepare Monthly Management report on department statistics.
1.Analyze Instruction lists, Tenants Diaries, Query Register and Ex- Tenant lists to determine performance in terms of turnaround times and accuracy.
2.Prepare accurate reports for management highlighting excellent and poor performance.

Provide support and guidelines to the Administrators.
1.Ensure that the team follows the company policies and procedures.
2.Improve teamwork to ensure that workflow is consistent.
3.Provide training and coaching to new and existing staff where needed.
4.Ensure Data Manager is consulted with regards to staff problems.
5.Monitor and manage the team’s workload efficiently and report any problems to the Data Manager.
6.Provide support to the Data Manager to entrench the City Property culture and strategy into the team.
7.Build relationships with Administrators, staff, management and other stakeholders.

Working conditions:
Mostly office- based with limited travelling.

Qualifications & Experience:
1.Matric qualification required.
2.Bookkeeping experience preferred.
3.Minimum of 3-5 years’ work experience in an account environment required.
4.Minimum of 2 years’ supervisory experience required.

Skills & Knowledge Required:
1.Advanced knowledge of the MDA system
2.Microsoft Office:
a.MS Excel – Advanced
b.MS Word – Intermediate
c.MS Outlook – Basic
d.MS PowerPoint – Intermediate
3.Must have strong numerical skills.
4.Proficiency in English required.

Personal Attributes:
1.Problem solving – find solutions when emotions are involved.
2.Reality testing – be objective; see things as they really are.
3.Impulse control – resist or delay impulse to act.
4.Flexibility – adapting emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
5.Stress tolerance – coping with stressful situation.
6.Interpersonal relationships – building mutually satisfying relationships.
7.Social confidence – be self-assured and at ease with people in all types of social situations.
8.Persuasion – negotiating, selling, influencing and attempting to persuade people or trying to change the point of view of others.
9.Multitasking – dealing with several activities at a time, enjoy being given new tasks before they have finished another.
10.Teamwork – cooperation with others, good-natured attitude and encouraging people.
11.Persistence – sticking with tasks, not giving up, dislike leaving things unfinished.
12.Rule following – adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.
13.Attention to detail – focus on details, strive for perfection and be well organized.
14.Planning – enjoy making detailed plans and long-terms plans.
15.Innovation – creative and open-mindedness.

Job Closing Date 23/08/2021