AVBOB: Admin Head

Company AVBOB
Reference # Admin Head: Group scheme and commission
Published 12/11/2021
Contract Type Contract
Salary Market Related
Location Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
To manage, supervise, control and guide subordinates in the relevant insurance function and activities to ensure that the processes of premium collection, commission payments and the administration of group schemes runs effectively and adhere to legislative requirements, to reach the set goal to increase premium income.
Job Functions Administration
Industries Insurance
Key Performance Areas:

Develop and maintain proper systems and procedures in an accurate manner to handle the requirements of group schemes and commission administration I an effort to grow premium income and make payments to intermediaries.

•Maintain policy and procedure manuals and ensure that circulars are updated.
•Evaluate systems by means of audits reports.
•Handle and monitor complaints and requests.
•Approval of payments along policy requirements after ensuring that commission has been calculated correctly.
•Approval of payments of claims along policy requirements.
•Apply premium daily and do the reconciliations of the different control accounts and each group scheme accounts.
•Communication with internal and external audits, ASISA, FSB, managers and intermediaries.
•Adherence to all regulatory requirements, for example the FSB’s rule and principles, Data Protection Act and Money Laundering regulations. Awareness of the Group’s policies and procedures, and the
regulations relevant to your role.
•Consistently demonstrate your understanding of how the principle of TCF and the underlying six TCF outcomes impacts your role, and is embedded in the culture of AVBOB.

To inspect, amend and control work processes, systems and procedures with the aim of streamlining and simplifying processes in order to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.
•Investigate all possible improvements on the current systems.
•Investigate other systems or alternative commission payment methods that can be to the benefit of the organisation.
•Prepare detailed specifications for the changes on existing programs or detailed specification for new systems/ programs.
•Testing of system changes and new programs.
•Implementing system changes and new programs.
•Develop and customise all new and existing forms.
•Prepare detailed exception reports to manage the day functions in the departments.
•Change policy and procedure manual accordingly.
•Responsible for identify risks, monitor and measuring risk against risk appetite, risk mitigation strategies and risk reporting.

To manage and control the key performance areas of subordinates, by leading and directing them towards the implementation of the strategic policy and operational plan of the department.
•Ensure continues system development/enhancement to ensure that all the needs of commissions and groups schemes are covered in different.

To ensure that complaints and enquiries referred from management are prioritized for investigation and that communication/ liaison matters receive the required attention which serves the needs of all policy holders, internal and external clients and other stakeholders.
•Regular revision of the work functioning of the departments.
•Compile monthly reports for discussion with department heads and manager.
•Prepare progress reports on project.
•Attend to enquiries escalated by policy holders, broker’s intermediaries and other stakeholders.
•Attend to complaints of a serious nature (FSB, ASISA and Ombudsman).
•Revise letter drafted by subordinates.
•Checking and approve payments to the brokers, intermediaries and claims within the laid down limits.
•Attend to reports from internal and external auditors, ASISA, FSB, Managers and intermediaries.

To analyse and interpret statistics, monitor the activities of the department in an informed manner and report on own departmental budgets.
•A budget plan is drawn for Group Schemes and commissions department.
•Following up on schemes who is behind in premiums.
•Commission calculation.
•Commission reconciliation.
•Group schemes (I209) reconciliation.
•G006 (premium account) reconciliation.
To manage the human resources of the relevant section with the assistance of the management team and provide required inputs, evaluations and feedback to ensure the effective functioning of the team.
•Determine staff requirements and plan, develop and maintain suitable manpower capabilities for the departments.
•Manage subordinates along the guidelines provide in the policy and procedure manual.
•Prepare job description for all staff members in the department.
•Identify and address functional related problems and opportunities.
•Do performance appraisal every three months.
•Identify training needs of new and current members.
•Disciplinary counselling and warning sessions.

Minimum Qualifications
•B Proc degree.

Knowledge and Experience:
•Up to 5 years in insurance sector.

Technical And Behavioural Competencies
•Advanced reporting skills.
•Intermediate level of performance management skills.
•Advanced communication skills.
•Intermediate HR management and control.
•Intermediate conflict management skills.
•Intermediate management skills (Plan, organise, Lead, Control).
•Advanced client service skills.
•Advanced telephone etiquette
•Intermediate behaviour interviewing skills.
•Intermediate fraud prevention skills.
•MS Excel – Intermediate level.
•MS Word – Intermediate level.
•Language (English and Afrikaans) (S, R and W) – Advanced and intermediate levels.
•Mentorship and Coaching skills.
•Knowledge of Dept. policy and procedures.
•Knowledge of dept. specific software.
•Intermediate level negotiation skills.
•Intermediate level of successful team building, fostering good human reactions, coaching and mentoring skills.
•Facilitating change –intermediate level.
•Initiating action and leadership skills – advanced level.
•Maintain high work standards- advanced level.
•Analytical abilities – advanced level.
•Diligence advanced level.
•Decisiveness advanced level.
•Compliance to rules and regulations –advanced level.
•Assertiveness- intermediate level.

Job Closing Date 19/11/2021